ABOUT US: CLICK HERE FOR THE EARLY YEARS. Blast from the past NEWSLETTERS click -Select month[ ] JUNE 2007

OUR Panama Boquete Paradise. Ain’t it nice!

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Los Angeles CITY FIREFIGHTER & Ma Bell TELEPHONE OPERATOR from Wilshire Hts. Cong. Hollywood, CA, U.S.A.

These are “Our Media Moments”. Through Photos, Slides, Video, & blog, you can enjoy with us the “The Experiences of a Lifetime”. Never to be repeated, never to be replaced. We hope that it all encourages you, to fully do his will too. We are here confessing that JAH is blessing (Prov.25:25).

Blast from the past NEWSLETTERS click -Select month [     ]  JUNE 2007

Blast from the past NEWSLETTERS click -Select month [     ]  JUNE 2007

MORE  OF OUR 20 YEARS MISSIONARY PHOTOS IN THE FOLLOWING LINK.  JUST CLICK or COPY & PASTE 🙂  https://skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?cid=f421124f88a0fec8&page=play&resid=F421124F88A0FEC8!116


11 thoughts on “ABOUT US: CLICK HERE FOR THE EARLY YEARS. Blast from the past NEWSLETTERS click -Select month[ ] JUNE 2007”

  1. It was very nice Steve and we look forward to seeing you’ll one day real soon if not before. Keep up the fine Fight as we seek Jehovah’s Divine Approval. Your brother in the faith and seeking to be Approve by our Grand Creaftor!

  2. hello steve and roni, mike lewis turn me on to your web site and i must say it was a pleasure to expericence your journey with you and i look forward to checking in with it from time to time may the words of 1Cor1:2 be with you both, and remeber that Jehovah’s work done in Jehovah’s way will never lack Jehovah’s supply, your brother Ed Smith Alessandro Congregation Moreno Valley, Agappe

  3. I heard so much about you when I visited Colon in 2013, but I never met you. You have made my wish come true. I really enjoyed your experiences .You are having a wonderful life serving Jah and he rewards you greatly.
    Your sister,
    Barbara Banks, Clinton South Congregation; Clinton, MD, USA

  4. Loved the article in Watchtower July 2015 it reminded me of my difficult past before getting the truth in 1968. Well done and keep determined, Bob

  5. Hi Steve and Roni….we truly enjoyed a bit of time with you via blog and slides! What an example of faithfulness that is shown by your tireless efforts in the service of our Wonderful God and Father, Jehovah!! Please know that you both are in our warm and sincere prayers and how we wish you the best in your assignment. You both are proving that ‘with someone loyal, you (Jehovah) will act in loyalty’. agape’….Steve and Debbie Charity…your Northern Virginia family.

  6. I lived in Compton during my childhood and some adult years and I believe I know you two. I pioneered in the 80’s and was baptized in the Compton North Cong on Culver St. In 1971.
    I am so encouraged by your spiritual accomplishments over the years. You two are receiving the blessings promised all who put Jah’s Kingdom first in their lives. Thanks for setting such a fine example by serving together, happily, loyally, and faithfully! Love Your Sister, Mary.

    1. Hello My Sister. Thanks for the encouragement and may JAH continue to bless all his faithful ones. I remember that both congregations were there on Cole St. I’m sure I will remember you, just send us a early years photo and one of you now. And tell us a lil about yourself too👍😉. Until Then.

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