2013 J.W. Annual Meeting – Featuring Our New Bible “THE SILVER SWORD”

   Annual Meeting 2013

Our New NWT Bible


“La Espada Platiada”

THE SILVER SWORD  THE SILVER SWORD 2013 NWT Bible.  1.4 Millon served in 4 sessions (Matt.24:45)                                                          APPRECIATE WHAT THE SLAVE GAVE.   2013 NWT Bible. So what do you say SILVER & GRAY?


THE SILVER SWORD upright- showing it’s cutting edge, that is silver lined. (Heb. 4:12)

It is primo, beautiful, sharp, durable and clear, yes friends, it is finally here!

Yes , this is the new way, of using the ‘New World Translation’ in our day.

Everyone noticed that it just comes in Gray, but that’s not what many of us say.

Notice what makes it’s appearance so defining. It is obvious it is, it’s silver lining! 🙂

So we simple call it THE SILVER SWORD and while reading it one could hardly be bored.

The “Steward” took it to the kitchen to add the necessary spice, impressively it has turned out so appetizing and nice.

At the Annual Meeting all received this gift with adulation, so now the “Slave” will be receiving many letters of appreciation.

For example, look right here, the revision is so clear, and easy to read, yes indeed (1Tim.2:4).

To the extent that we apply the combined aspects and features, we all become diligent students and capable teachers (Is. 54:13).

Yes friends, using it will be such an effective tool, that reminds me of portions of our WT Gilead Missionary School.

It is obvious that this ‘Translation’ is backed by God’s Spirit, so let’s take it to the field where others can hear it.

Our ‘Translation’ gives all praise and honor to JAH our friend, who through the “Slave” helps us to be fully equipped in this time right before the end (Matt. 24:45).

So let us all use and appreciate the ‘Holy Scriptures’ THE SLIVER SWORD, as it helps us and others get our ‘New World’ everlasting reward (Prov.2:4, 5).

The Holy Scriptures Translated to get us to the New World (Rev.7:15-17)

The New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures was released in English in 1950, and the complete New World Translation of the Holy Bible was published in 1961. Since then, tens of millions of readers in more than 100 languages ​​have benefited from this readable yet accurate representation of the Holy Scriptures in the original languages. During the last half century, however, languages ​​have changed. 

The New World Translation Bible Committee discreetly recognized the need to respond to changes in order to touch the reader’s heart today. For this reason, it reflects a number of styles and vocabulary changes (1Cor. 9:22, 23) 

Original Bibles from1950-1961 and then Some more :-)
Original Bibles from 1950-1961 and still with this The Slave is not done.  For other languages they are preparing another ton.

It's arrival is 10 days dated but my wife Roni is still elated! :-)
It’s arrival is 10 days dated but my wife Roni is still elated! 🙂  We are thankful for the affection of our Bethel connection (WCS). 


P.S. JW LIBRARY APP gives you the same NWT Bible with just a tap. It’s so nice, that it is available for every electronic device! (see jw.org for details & Annual Mt. VIDEO)                              



Here are some details about the production time of  The New Bibles:

-The Bibles were printed in Wallkill and at the Japan branch. The project was highly confidential, with curtains up around the bindery production area. 1.3 million English Bibles needed to be printed at Wallkill from August 13, the project start date, to the annual meeting. This included printing them, binding them, gilding them, making the covers, putting the cover on, and shipping them out. 

-To do this, gilding would have to run nearly 24/7, with three shifts rotating in an out. Other parts of the bindery ran on double shift (6 am-11 PM). The night crew made a big sacrifice, working from 11 pm-7 am for the entire project. Many new workers were brought in to all parts of the printery to help out. Bindery oversight scheduled it so that the project would be completed if everything went well, but still it was a huge goal with a solid deadline. Would it get done? Not without Jehovah’s help.

-Consider the weather, which was mentioned in the annual meeting. Take a look at this link.  http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/wallkill-ny/12589/august-weather/2146096?monyr=8/1/2013 First look how hot it was during the first half of July. With temperatures like that, it was very difficult to bind books and have the glue set properly. It brings production to a snail’s pace. But now look at the temperatures from August 13-October 5. With the exception of one 94 degree day, the temperature never rose above 86, with many moderate days. As a result, enough books were bound.

-Brother Pierce showed us how to loosen up the gilding so that the pages will not stick together. This is called “breaking”. It is necessary because when it comes out of the gilding machine it is hard as a rock. Each book was hand broken, 3 books at a time. This was done 3 times for all the books, once for each gilded side. Also each time it was broken it was checked for any errors, such as white spots or scratches. 

-After gilding the sides, it was sent to have the corners rounded and gilded and then to have the ribbons inserted. Two more checks of each book were done, and then it would be sent to have the cover put on and then to be shrink wrapped, boxed, and shipped. It was checked at least twice more during that process.

-The purpose of all those checks, and also for the beautiful appearance of the book, is that the Governing Body wanted the Bibles to have a dignified, beautiful appearance that would stand out, considering it is our most important book. Hopefully your copy looks very good.

-The books produced at Wallkill were for the Eastern and Central United States, and the Japan branch produced 500,000-600,000 for the Western United States. The Shipping Department had to coordinate it so that all the books would get out to the thousands of locations on time, all while keeping the project confidential. 

The 2013 Revised New World Translation, which has been modernized and simplified, will be a great tool both to improve our own spirituality and to help others come to understand it. There will be many scriptures that have a whole new meaning, and we will be discovering these for a long time to come. Scriptures like John 17:3 may open some people’s eyes about the action they need to take. Jehovah’s blessing was certainly on the production of these books, and it will also be on your use of them.


Many Bibles of the Theocratic Library.
The many Bibles of our Theocratic Libary and now we have THE PLATIUM EDITION 🙂

There was a Bethel Lecture last night Monday – on the NEW TRANSLATION: by GB Bro. Jeff Jackson.

Total Attendance for the weekend 1,367,742  with some 8 locations still left to report in………

GB not happy for the tardiness! He actually said that….. 

Use the New Bible and get to know it, Read it.”  That was the theme.

They started working on it in 2008.

Three reasons for it:

 1. Average person doesn’t know the King James Bible; Our last NWT Bible stuck to the Hebrew and  Greek, because of bible thumpers.

 2. But today, people want it clear & now for today.

 3. Most people have a non-biblical view of life. 

He reviewed/read pag. 1718 and then asked us to look up and study the changes in the following verses:

Deut. 32:14 and Prov 28:25 – What does Fat mean to you???

Gen. 9:4 and Gen. 35:18 – Soul has many meanings…

Ps. 113:6, Ruth 2:15, Josh. 23:14, 1 Sam. 18:13, Ex. 12:6, 1Cor. 7: 36-38, Ps. 51:12 =

Compare them with the OUR Old Bible………Too Cool! 

Then he reviewed the four types of Footnotes – See Pag. 1725

Or – Ps. 51:5, Job 21:13, Acts 15:20 & 29 – footnote is combined, Lu. 14:16

Or Possible – Ecc. 7:9, Gal. 5:14

Literal Meaning – John 2:4

Background – Gen. 24:32, Gen. 25:8, Judges 7:19, Josh. 3:4

JEHOVAH’s NAME –added six more times in the Revised NWT Bible. The Evidence has been found and confirmed in the Dead Sea Scrolls and other manuscripts – since our last NWT Bible.

1. Judges 19:18, 2.1Sam. 2:25, 3.1Sam. 6:3, 4.1Sam. 10:26, 5.1Sam. 23:14, 6.1Sam. 23:16

Then he said to read the following changes – due to the Dead Sea Scrolls and other manuscripts –

since our last NWT Bible: Matt. 27:49, 1Pet. 5:2, 2Sam. 13:21, Matt. 13:14

The End!!! ( Good info for consideration little by little on Our Family Worship Nights 🙂 )


6 thoughts on “2013 J.W. Annual Meeting – Featuring Our New Bible “THE SILVER SWORD””

  1. Stevie you are so right. I was taking notes but i didn’t expect to be recieving the Silver Sword. It is awesome. I will enjoy the simplicity of it. How it answers ?s. Jehovah is truly giving the world the opportunity to come to know him while he can still be found. I have my next assignment on nov 4th #3 in regards to false stories. I will be getting a steroid injection surgery shot on my back on the 25th of this month. I’m glad that you are ok. Take care, You and Roni ok.
    Love you always

  2. Steve, I have a 8 year old publisher who calls me to go over the text every morning at 7:35 a.m., I told him that elders need encouragement so he calls faithfully. Right away he spotted quotes from our other bible and proceeds to ‘help me understand that is the old english.’ Like todays text that quoted Gen 1:2 ‘active force moving to and fro’. He said ‘now brother brown, we don’t say to and fro any more, get your revised addition out and you will notice it says ‘moving about’. so this will help you to teach better’!

  3. Hello! Thank you for sharing your life experience! We enjoy reading your articles and watching photos! We’ve got the Silver Sword too. A precious gift from our brotherhood!
    May Jah bless you both in your missionry service! Greetings from Russia, Moscow region.

  4. My wife and I love our ‘silver sword,’ in fact I used that term on circuit assembly assignment last November. It truly is a precious gift from Jehovah.

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